Putting you in control of your 3d printing

3D printing has come a long way: at Polygno we believe it can get faster, produce better quality prints and be less troublesome in the process.

We are currently beta-testing our first product, designed to help improve quality, consistency, appearance and strength of FDM printing.


Our first product provides new insights into the core of the 3d printing process that make it easy to be confident in the quality and consistency of prints. The new system provides:

  • Confidence at every moment of the print that the result will be consistent.
  • Warning the moment the printing process starts to diverge from expectations, with the opportunity to pause the print automatically.
  • Detailed information so you can balance appearance and structural integrity.
  • An auditable record of every print.
  • A reduction in costly waste and lost printing time.

Please check back here soon!


Polygno was founded by brothers Ed & George French, both are engineers who are passionate about the promise of 3D printing.

Ed first used SLA to make prototypes in the '90's when working on telecom products, he has then specialised in innovative technology companies whether as an entrepreneur, investor or advisor. He's served at the CEO of two business based around patented new technologies and has been a director of several others.

George is renowned in the BMX community for having developed the best competition level components for BMX that are beloved on the international competition circuit. George's first foray into 3d printing was through constructing his first reprap machine in [2013]. He used this machine regularly for prototyping new BMX components and has gone on to develop a large heated chamber printer of his own. George is the named inventor on numerous patents.


Ploygno is currently keeping its development under wraps, however we are interested in talking to 3d printing community influencers and selected component suppliers ahead of launch.

Thanks, we'll be in touch.


We can be reached on +44 114 360 2600

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